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Guest Post

We allow guest posts on this site, but to post a guest on this site, you have to pay per post for 60 rupees and we have some rules which you have

1. You have to provide a unique post which is at least 500 words

2. You have to put a pohoto that too must be unique

3. You must enter 1 video which is on YouTube

4. And you have to email us and tell us which keyboard you want the dofollow backlink on

5. You will be allowed only one batchlink in a post

Note: - You have to send your article first and then you will get a mail from us, which will be our bank account number, when you pay 60 rupees, then you will have to give us a screen shot of it, our team will verify it and post your post on our site. And you'll get a dofollow backlink .

our Email id is

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