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raaz reboot review rating predicted box office collection

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While Pink has earned Rs 21.51 crore in its first weekend, Raz Reboot has collected Rs 18.09 crore. Imagining some parts of the conversation, Vikram says, "The Raaz franchise is becoming predictable, we will need to reinstall this franchise with two unknown faces. 

The money we save in hiring two new individuals, we'll invest in shooting in Romania. For apathy value. We've got Emraan Hashmi, that will perform a role he has never written before - A creepy, hardcore-ish-ex-boyfriend. We would agree to anything between Romanian folklore, but in the end, the soul is going to be reduced to pray to Vishnu Bhagavantha in. 

"Bhatt plays clapping and dominate the movie. Raaz Reboot is a film of sorts, where'Hero' runs for several km, so it breaks through a lake, and in this manner, the manager grabbed the pure beauty of Romania. This is a * subtle * way of indicating to the audience - kind of like our movie, we spent a great deal of money on it. Brother, why don't you cry in your living space, nobody cares about the film at all. 

The Rez reboot pushes the envelope with its story-telling since it pushes the new narrative of a few who may have moved with a feeling, relocating to another residence. And Bhavna, being Bhatt's film, would upset the lady of the house even if it is really the man of this home that wants to damage (as we find out later) because Bhatt is soul sexist in movies. 
And drifting, nearby women make for better cinema? Not necessary. The film follows the typical exercise of a woman being bothered by a soul, and when she complains to her husband, she laughs it by calling it"Chaat hat public! What was initially termed as a conflict initiated in favor of Pink by Amitabh Bachchan, is actually just another stage. 

Raaz Reboot is providing Pink a run for his money. According to trade analyst Taran Adarsh, the two films favor the box office. The Raz reboot may go to make money, just like its predecessors in the franchise. But will Indian audiences need to fight with such banquet, comic horror to create a movie near Bhatts every time? No. So if you still go ahead and invest in a film in this way, then you enjoy videos like these increasingly. 

And you will not whine about the bad condition of horror films in India. You are not at all, To be honest, Raaz Reboot isn't a dull movie. It is unintentionally hilarious he would have promoted it as India's first'unintentionally hilarious horror-comedy with violin and sex.' The music of the movie is compiled by Jeet Ganguly, who participates tunes to warrant his yearly wages of Vishesh Films. 
While swinging in the exact same old Arijit Singh Recording Studio and the exact same old songs. Some of the movie's most OMG dialogues are like -"Pagal Woh Nahin JIS bekht hai, Pagal Woh ho Jaye hai man dhikat nahi."

Raaz Reboot Movie Story

Newly-West Rehan and Shaina moved to Romania after the former's job offer. When Shaina senses the unnatural activity around her, she learns that her husband is seeking a secret from her.

Raaz Reboot Movie Cast

  1. Emraan Hashmi as Aditya Shrivastav (Evil Spirit)
  2. Kriti Kharbanda as Shaina Khanna
  3. Gaurav Arora as Rehaan Khanna (Viraj Adhav as the Hindi dubbing voice)
  4. Suzanna Mukherjee as Shreya[9]
  5. Tara Sharma as a Gipsy woman / Malini
  6. Madhu Anand Chandhok as Rehaan's mother
  7. Vlad Udrescu as Mihai
  8. Ashwath Bhatt as Trilok Shastri
  9. Hargun Grover as Aman
  10. Mink Singh Nisha Comeo / Shaina Surgery Raaz 5

Raaz Reboot Movie Songs

  1. Lo maan liya :- Arijit Singh
  2. Raaz Aankhein Teri :- Arijit Singh
  3. O Meri Jaan :- KK
  4. Yaad Hai Na :- Arijit Singh
  5. Hummein Tummein Jo Tha :- Palak Muchhal, Papon
  6. Yaad Hai Na (Unplugged) :- Jubin Nautiyal
  7. The Sound of Raaz :- Jubin Nautiyal

Raaz Reboot Movie Trailer

Directed by Vikram Bhatt

Produced by

  1. Mukesh Bhatt
  2. Mahesh Bhatt
  3. Vishesh Bhatt
  4. Bhushan Kumar
  5. Krishan Kumar

Written by

  1. Vikram Bhatt,
  2. Girish Dhamija (dialogues)
  3. Starring Emraan Hashmi
  4. Kriti Kharbanda
  5. Gaurav Arora

Music by

  1. Jeet Gannguli
  2. Sangeet Haldipur
  3. Siddharth Haldipur-(Sangeet-Siddharth)
  4. Cinematography Manoj Soni

Edited by : - Kuldip Mehan

Production : - Vishesh Films

company :- T-Series

Distributed by T-Series

Release date :- 16 September 2016

Running time :- 128 minutes

Country India

Language Hindi

Budget ₹310 million

Box office est. ₹269 million

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