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Happy Bhaag Jayegi Review Predicted Box Office Collection

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Happy Bhaag Jayegi Movie Review

'Happy Bhag Jayegi' is a romantic-com Using Ali Fazal, Abhay Deol, Jimmy Shergill and Diana Penty from the lead roles.  Bhaag Jaegi has all this and more and is just marginally deflecting, but when it isn't highly desired.  The movie falls short of becoming a bliss riot because writer-director Mudassar Aziz doesn't make a use of this narratives which can be available in order to deliver the winner.  But the components that set it apart in the Bollywood rom-coms, mark Joyful Bhaag Jaegi, which provides fun regardless of the screenplay.  In Pakistan, the dialogue author joked Throughout the movie, but the jibs are not overzealous.  There's not a great deal of bashing in Joyful Bhag Jaaygi that may make filmgoers.  The movie loses its way and leaves a rhythm.  After Bagga decides to follow up Happy to the movie and Lahore goes everywhere to apply the aid of a gang of criminals.  If Bhaag Jaegi doesn't get on anybody's nerves, like a half-baked endeavor at hilarity, it's because it is inefficient.  Bhaag Jaagegi that is Joyful isn't the type of movie.  However, it may occasionally bring a smile on some faces.

 The movie follows a set-up that is comic with an overuse plot-line that does not really offer you any chance of surprise.  By way of instance, the outfit comes to the rescue.    In this movie, he's sufficient in this frantic-pixie-dream-kudi function.  A continuous effort is from the manufacturers of this movie to pursue the concept that Happy is a character that is exceptional.   He walks him and takes on the role of a Pakistani policeman using a buff with a Urdu.  Jimmy Shirgill is a comical, a machine, goon-politician that is somewhat sinister.  He's an understudied celebrity whose many of the performances go undetected (like his recent turn as a villain at a sound ).  Ali Fazal is sufficient.  Bhag Jaaygi that is Joyful is an family entertainer.  If you don't like to strangle your background with crocodiles or using patriotism this movie may be appealing to you.

It is.  The movie is well behaved and the leadership is good.  Though it loses its own storyline sometime after the first half, the movie finally picks up its speed.  If you're in the mood for some lighthearted comedy'Bhag Jayegi' could be a movie just for you.  The storyline of the movie is predictable and in all, the movie provides some fresh but not good performances from the actors and some good humor (from the first half) makes it worth viewing.  Director Mudassar Aziz has released the movie afresh. 

 The assumption of Bhaag Jaegi guarantees you some good chakals, because, who does not like the concept of ​​a woman?  Along with the about Lahore should encounter some freshness?  But all too soon, the delights of the film subside, and we depart searching for something which will make us laugh, even if it's a laugh.  There's some of itbut it's very intermittent.   But despite touch that is pleasant and its throw lines, it comes together.  Should you need me to suspend disbelief and purchase in my plot that is deprived you have to have the ability to compose your amidst contradictions.  It doesn't occur this'Joyful' could have left me very pleased.  Some of those are enjoyable, but it has been too long.  And what is the requirement of the imperceptible: banduk na so does anybody listen tokho, des kaisa des hai'?  

Happy Bhaag Jayegi Movie Story

Happy (Diana Penty) is about to marry Bagga (Jimmy Shergill), a small-time businessman. But, on the eve of his marriage, he tries to live with his lover, Guddu (Ali Fazal), who is a musician. 


However, during his escape stunt, he inadvertently finds himself in a truck that is about to arrive at Bilal's (Abhay Deol) location in Lahore. Anandi informs incoming politician Bilal that she wants to call Guddu. Bilal refuses to help her. In Amritsar (Happy's hometown) Guddu is kidnapped by Bagga to ensure that Happy will eventually have to return to him. Happy creates uproar when a police officer informing Bilal is caught in the city. Bilal intended to deport him immediately. 

Happy fears that he will be handed over to his father, who will force his marriage to Balga. He threatened Bilal that he would ruin his family's name by announcing to the media that he was smuggled from India as a part of a human trafficking racket. Bilal is confused and confronts his fiance Zoya. Initially, Zoya senses that Bilal is cheating on her, but then assumes for a while that Happy is telling the truth and working with the two. 

Zoya explains that the only way to get rid of Happy is to get Guddu out of here, marry him and send him back. Till then Happy has to stay at Bilal's residence. Meanwhile, Bilal has indeed had a very hard time maintaining this secret from his father and is always under stress from the runaway bride Happy who is out of control.

While Bilal's father is on a diplomatic mission to China for a week, Bilal plans to accompany ACP Afridi to India. He poses as a music company in Lahore that wants to have a Guddu show in Lahore. Bagga trusts when Bilal tells him that Guddu is in Lahore, so he will be able to marry Happy in peace. At the last moment Bagga learns that Happy is in Lahore and that the music show was just an agreement to take Guddu to Lahore. 

As soon as Guddu reaches Lahore, Bilal's father returns as his meeting is canceled. As if this wasn't enough, Happy is kidnapped by the goons who are Baiga's friends. Bagga takes Happy's father with him to Lahore. Here Afridi has made a provision to arrest him as soon as he gets down from the bus. Baiga is arrested along with a messenger of goons kidnapping Happy.

Afridi leads a team with Bilal, Zoya and Guddu to the whereabouts of the goons. Meanwhile, when the goons learn that Bagga has been arrested by the police, an attempt is being made to free him. In this way both Happy and Bagga are free. Another trouble arises when Happy's father, who is searching for his daughter, is mistaken by the police for an Indian spy who prepares to kill Bilal's father. Each time Bilal seeks crops from one trouble to another. 

Bilal feels that Happy's father has gone out to kill his father as he is married to Happy's Guddu. This ensures a chaos that leads to the climax of the film where Happy is ready to marry Guddu.

Happy Bhaag Jayegi Movie Songs

  1. Happy Oye :- Harshdeep Kaur, Shahid Mallya
  2. Gabru Ready to Mingle Hai :- Neeti Mohan, Mika Singh, Tarannum Mallik, ...
  3. Aashiq Tera :- Altamash Faridi
  4. Zara Si Dosti :- Arijit Singh
  5. Yaaram :- Javed Ali

Happy Bhaag Jayegi Movie Cast

  1. Diana Penty as Harpreet Kaur aka Happy
  2. Abhay Deol as Bilal Ahmed
  3. Ali Fazal as Gurdeep Singh aka Guddu
  4. Momal Sheikh as Zoya
  5. Jimmy Sheirgill as Daman Singh Bagga
  6. Lankesh Bhardwaj as Rajinder
  7. Kanwaljit Singh as Happy's Father
  8. Javed Sheikh as Javed Ahmed, Bilal's Father
  9. Piyush Mishra as Usman Afridi
  10. Jagat Rawat as Fakhru
  11. Ayesha Raza Mishra as Rifat Bi
  12. Ashu Sharma as Winkle

Happy Bhaag Jayegi Movie Trailer

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