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Beiimaan Love Box Office Collection

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Beiimaan Love Movie Review

The men with horns leaning on the bedroom door get a taste of the weather.  When dealt with properly, you receive a tasty movie like Pink.  When not, you have got unethical love.
Here, Raj Malhotra (Rajneesh Duggal) sees Sunaina (Sunny Leone) in a party, arrives in her like a drooling cartoon wolf, and begins kissing her neck without permission and / or warning.  Seemingly, she slaps him in the face, so sparking a series of stakes, crosses, double crosses and cases between employees and bosses.
Beiimaan Love Box Office Collection

He slaps her in bed, breaks her heart, retaliates the storyline, destroys her business, all very standard Hindi-film stuff.  Abbas Mustan would have made a great thriller out of it from the 90s.

However this is not the 90s.  We deserve better tropes than weaning heroine's purse from hooligans who broadcast blink-first games on dates, prop-characters to men, as"oriental" history when Chinese characters are on screen And a mother with a melodramatic secret.  All that was lost was a track of bliss in the background.

Characters are inconsistent, lines are taken in the Dialogue for Dummies manual and there's a general lack of attention to detail.  Props from one scene appear everywhere; The exact same area is utilized as different locations, and the movie opens with a promotional tune (!) , Which performs without a name.  Are we watching a movie, or even a music channel?

Sunny Leone gets an A for the effort, as her struggle to rise above the content is clear.  
If you're craving for Sunny Leone's performance this weekend, anticipate Baby Doll on YouTube and call her a day.

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Beiimaan Love Movie Story

Beiiman Love is a Indian Hindi-language thriller movie of 2016, directed and created by Rajeev Chaudhary.  It starred Sunny Leone and Rajneesh Duggal and Daniel Weber and Zeesha Nancy made their acting debut with this film.

Beiimaan Love Movie Songs

  1. Hug Me :- Kanika Kapoor, Raghav Sachar
  2. Main Adhoora :- Akanksha Sharma, Yasser Desai
  3. Pyaar De :- Ankit Tiwari
  4. Mere Peeche Hindustan :- Sukriti Kakar, Yasser Desai
  5. Mar Gaye :- Raftaar, Manj Musik, Nindy Kaur
  6. Mar Gaye (Punjabi Version) :- Raftaar, Manj Musik, Nindy Kaur
  7. Rang Reza (Female) :- Asees Kaur
  8. Rang Reza (Male) :- Yasser Desai

Beiimaan Love Movie Cast

  1. Sunny Leone as Sunaina Verma
  2. Rajneesh Duggal as Raj Malhotra
  3. Daniel Weber as Daniel Peterson
  4. Rajiv Verma
  5. Naresh Unager

Beiimaan Love Movie Trailer

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