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befikre official movie trailer teaser

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Befikre Story: Begins as a crazy night that ends in a relationship. But Dharam and Shaira fall in love as quickly as possible. Where will life take them now?

Befikre Review: Can Two Maverick Be Unstoppable Exiled Friends? In the Yash Raj film, sure they can.

Dharam (Ranveer Singh) and Shayra (Vani Kapoor) have a breakup recently and can't get eyes on. In the song-filled flashbacks, we see their meeting cute, how they dared to drive each other crazy and get into a live-in relationship, only to realize they were incompatible.

They soon arrive with their breakup but decide to remain friends. When their personal love resumes, the friendship is tested.

Befikre is a victim of the inevitability of love stories. There can actually be only two results, and again, the journey of those results makes the film. The plot is unconventional, but the sparkling chemistry between the leads pulls you through much of the film. Essentially, it is the marriage of my friend of the same banner, but vice versa.

Dharam is every womanist nightmare: a homophobic straight guy from Delhi who flirts and shames girls thinks that gays will sleep with him and a girl hurt by the lack of remorse she feels after breaking up with him. Only Singh could draw this character without being obnoxious. He enjoys departing from his intense Bajirao role, but to be fair, he is familiar with the field. Shayra is a trimmed girl with a good head on her shoulder and Vani's cool acting makes you wonder why she didn't do much work!

DDLJ has many throwbacks, and most bring a smile to your face. One that is mainly a mother-daughter scene, much like Farida Jalal-Kajol's scene. There, Jalal's character tells Kajol that women have to suppress their feelings; In this updated version, Shayera's mother asks her to stand up for herself.

Befikre has some honest, fun moments and the effort to elevate the genre is visible, but you don't do anything new.

If you care for some laughter, some YRF apathy and, well, a romantic choice with your liking, you can take a chance with this.

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