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In this post, I have shared about Dishoom Movie box office collection report, review, rating, critics response and audience reaction. Read the following info about Dishoom movie and let me know your feedback via commenting below...

Dishoom Movie Release Date:- 

'Dishoom' an upcoming Bollywood masala entertainment is to be released on 29th July 2016.

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Dishoom Review

John Abraham and Varun Dhawan are seen doing actions and stunts in the movie alongside hot babe Jacquiline Fernandez.The movie is directed by Rohit Dhawan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. And Dishoom is all set to hit theaters on 29th July.The movie is all about 36 hours man hunt. John and Varun are playing special agents.Viraj  (saquib saleem) is playing star cricketer of India in the movie who is abducted before much coveted India v/s Pakistan match. So Kabir(john) and varun  (junaib) are hired to get him back before the match starts. And they have only 36 hours to do so.On the other hand, sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez also plays a special agent in the movie who gets enrolled in the mission.

Dishoom Audience Music

John Abraham looks super sexy doing all the stunts. While Varun Dhawan will make you smile in the toughest moments of the movie. He is hilarious in his character in the movie. And Jacqueline  will surely steal your hearts with her acting and badassh looks.So all in all the movie is a typical bollywood drama where you get adventure-comedy-trill and masala in one film.If you are a bollywood movie lover then Dishoom is going to be a treat to you. And it is expected to be a grand success because it is very different from a regular bollywood movie.Rating: The movie received excellent response from the critics and audience as well. As per the social media reports, people are interested in the movie so far. The trailers and posters received great response from public till now.


Official rating of the movie will be unveiled only after the movie is released.For now, I would rate the movie as 3 out of 5.Music: The music of the movie is given by Pritam. It has a rocking party number ready for you to go crazy on the floor. 'Sau tarah k' is a epic party song which will make you groove anywhere. You just cannot stop dancing after listening to this pretty sexy number.Apart from this, movie also has romantic and emotional numbers.

Dishoom Predicted box office collection

The predicted box office collection of the movie are as below-

Dishoom 1st Day box office collection- Rs. 11.05 cr

Dishoom 2nd Day Box Office Collection Prediction - 8 crores

Dishoom 3rd Day Box Office Collection Prediction - 5 crores

Dishoom 4th Day Box Office Collection Prediction - 3 crores

Dishoom total box office collection prediction - 80 crores

Now let us see, how does the movie meet the expected collection.

Dishoom Critics reaction 

The expert critics  say that the movie is little different from what you usually see on silver screen. It is an adventure-comedy which will keep you stuck to the screen. The little moments in the movie will hold you till the end. 

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Not very great though the movie has got all the elements to make it fun one time watch movie.

The critics rate the movie as 2.5

So this was all about you ought to know about Dishoom if you are planning to go and watch the movie in theaters Now you can easily decide if you want to go for this movie or not. Hope, you liked my post about "Dishoom movie box office collection report. Stay tuned for more such updates...


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