Dishoom Review, Rating, Box Office Collection Prediction, Music, Critics Response, Audience Reaction

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In this post, I have shared about Dishoom Movie box office collection report, review, rating, critics response and audience reaction. Read the following info about Dishoom movie and let me know your feedback via commenting below...

Dishoom Movie Release Date:- 

'Dishoom' an upcoming Bollywood masala entertainment is to be released on 29th July 2016.

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Dishoom Review

John Abraham and Varun Dhawan are seen doing actions and stunts in the movie alongside hot babe Jacquiline Fernandez.The movie is directed by Rohit Dhawan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. And Dishoom is all set to hit theaters on 29th July.The movie is all about 36 hours man hunt. John and Varun are playing special agents.Viraj  (saquib saleem) is playing star cricketer of India in the movie who is abducted before much coveted India v/s Pakistan match. So Kabir(john) and varun  (junaib) are hired to get him back before the match starts. And they have only 36 hours to do so.On the other hand, sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez also plays a special agent in the movie who gets enrolled in the mission.

Dishoom Audience Music

John Abraham looks super sexy doing all the stunts. While Varun Dhawan will make you smile in the toughest moments of the movie. He is hilarious in his character in the movie. And Jacqueline  will surely steal your hearts with her acting and badassh looks.So all in all the movie is a typical bollywood drama where you get adventure-comedy-trill and masala in one film.If you are a bollywood movie lover then Dishoom is going to be a treat to you. And it is expected to be a grand success because it is very different from a regular bollywood movie.Rating: The movie received excellent response from the critics and audience as well. As per the social media reports, people are interested in the movie so far. The trailers and posters received great response from public till now.


Official rating of the movie will be unveiled only after the movie is released.For now, I would rate the movie as 3 out of 5.Music: The music of the movie is given by Pritam. It has a rocking party number ready for you to go crazy on the floor. 'Sau tarah k' is a epic party song which will make you groove anywhere. You just cannot stop dancing after listening to this pretty sexy number.Apart from this, movie also has romantic and emotional numbers.

Dishoom Predicted box office collection

The predicted box office collection of the movie are as below-

Dishoom 1st Day box office collection- Rs. 11.05 cr

Dishoom 2nd Day Box Office Collection Prediction - 8 crores

Dishoom 3rd Day Box Office Collection Prediction - 5 crores

Dishoom 4th Day Box Office Collection Prediction - 3 crores

Dishoom total box office collection prediction - 80 crores

Now let us see, how does the movie meet the expected collection.

Dishoom Critics reaction 

The expert critics  say that the movie is little different from what you usually see on silver screen. It is an adventure-comedy which will keep you stuck to the screen. The little moments in the movie will hold you till the end. 

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Not very great though the movie has got all the elements to make it fun one time watch movie.

The critics rate the movie as 2.5

So this was all about you ought to know about Dishoom if you are planning to go and watch the movie in theaters Now you can easily decide if you want to go for this movie or not. Hope, you liked my post about "Dishoom movie box office collection report. Stay tuned for more such updates...

Befikre First Look, Trailer, Box Office Collection Prediction, Teaser

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In this post, get info about Befikre Release Date, review, teaser, trailer and Befikre total box office collection prediction too. Read the below post completely to know all details about Befikre Movie.

Befikre Release Date:-

Befikre is upcoming romantic Bollywood flick directed by Aditya Chopra and produced under the banner of Yash Raj Films (YRF). Aditya Chopra, who has been busy producing movies and launching newcomers for last so many years; he is back with the work of direction after seven years of time. The film is scheduled to be released on 9th of December 2016.

Befikre  Box office collection prediction
Befikre  Box office collection prediction

So for this reason, the movie apparently acquires a special slot in the row of upcoming films. And we expect it to be a blasting hit. The last movie directed by Aditya Chopra was ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’. And if he decided to come back as a director then the project has to be the best.

The tagline of the movie is ‘Those who dare to love. So the movie is all about typical romance and love.
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In the film handsome hunk, Ranveer Singh is cast alongside hot and sexy Vaani Kapoor.
Umm..well yeah, the onscreen couple is going to steal the show as it seems.

Befikre First look 

Befikre  Box office collection prediction
Befikre  Box office collection prediction
The first look of the movie is very sensual as Ranveer Singh, and Vaani Kapoor can be spotted kissing each other in a tremendously classical yet hot way. Check out the poster here!
The movie was announced in September 2015, on the occasion of late Yash Chopra’s birthday.

Befikre Box office collection prediction 

Befikre  Box office collection prediction
Befikre  Box office collection prediction

Befikre Box office collection prediction

Befikre is all about a crazy and mad love. The movie has been shot in Paris. Well if you have seen Aditya Chopra’s directed romance flicks then you would clearly know why this movie is so awaited. And you would agree that there is something magical about his romanticism.

So here is the predicted box office collection of Befikre by experts-

Befikre 1st Day Box Office Collection Prediction - 20 Crores
Befikre 2nd Day Box Office Collection Prediction - 25 Crores
Befikre 3rd Day Box Office Collection Prediction - 10 Crores
Befikre 1st Week Box Office Collection Prediction - 80 Crores
Befikre Total Box Office Collection Prediction - 150 Crores

Now, we eagerly wait for the movie. And let us see if Aditya Chopra can create the same magic all over again.

Thank you! And stay tuned in for more such fantastic posts about box office collections. Till then you can watch the trailer of the movie here.

Befikre Movie Trailer

Hope, you liked the trailer of Befikre Movie and eagerly waiting for the movie. Don't worry, it is releasing soon on this December 2016.

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Great Grand Masti Total Box Office Collection Report

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Here, I will show you total collection of Great Grand Masti Movie. Great Grand Masti recently released an adult comedy Bollywood flick made less profit on the first day of its release. The box office collection is low-profit numbers. This movie created a huge buzz amongst the audience for many reasons.First, it is an adult comedy. Second, because it was leaked before the release date online on some websites. And this is the reason why the film couldn’t make the expected profit on the first day of its release.

Great Grand Masti Trailer

On day one GGM stays flat because the theaters were half vacant and theater print was out on some websites. So naturally people preferred to watch movie online instead of going to theaters.

Great Grand Masti first day Box office collection

Great Grand Masti Box office collection
Great Grand Masti Box office collection
The 1st-day box office collection makes an income of Rs. 3.00 crores as per koimoi website. Only 30% of the seats were occupied in theaters on an average on day 1.

Masti released in 2004 almost a decade ago collected 2crores which were exceptionally good at that era of time. Even the Grand Masti, the franchise of GGM, released in 2013 collected 12.5 crores on day 1. Further predictions reveal that the movie genre is not working well at cinema from last few films. Audiences’ response is not so positive. The critics also don’t rate these sort of movies as relevant.

Great Grand Masti Total Box Office Collection Prediction:

Great Grand Masti Box office collection
Great Grand Masti Box office collection

The first-day box office collection which is not so great reveals that the film cannot do a good business. It may earn around 30 crores in total. But the Great Grand Masti total box office collection prediction does not indicate any particular earning till now..

Stay tuned for the year 2016 movies box office collection report.

Mohenjo-Daro: Trailer, Release Date, Box Office Collection Prediction, Review, Rating

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In this post, get info about Mohenjo Daro Box Office Collection Prediction, Trailer, Release Date, Review and Rating. Read the full post below to know all details about Mohenjo-Daro movie.

Mohenjo-Daro Review:

Mohenjo-Daro is an upcoming epic drama adventure romance is composed and written by Ashutosh Gowariker. The film is produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur and Sunita .Gowariker under the banner of UTV Motion Pictures ,AshutoshGowariker Productions Pvt. Ltd. Hritik Roshan played the protagonist and Pooja Hedge is seen in the number one spot role. The film is set in 2016 BC in the ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro in the Indus Valley civilization. The film is around a man who falls in love with his enemy’s daughter who is a dancer. It took three years for the completion of movie with the help of archaeologists who documented the discovery of Indus Valley civilization. The movie is centered on romance through the cultures and ancient civilisations of Mohenjo-Daro. The film was shot in Bhuj and Mumbai with few schedules in Jabalpur and Thane.Music composed by Oscar winner A R Rahman. The film is scheduled for a release on 12 August 2016 worldwide.

Mohenjo-Daro Music:  

Oscer winning composer AR Rehman and director Ashutosh Gowariker have given big hits like Lagaan, Swades and Jodhaa Akbar in the past and much was expected of them when they nodded to come together for Mohenjo Daro. That lyricist Javed Akhtar too was a part of the team made the occasion even more exciting.Normally, when you make a period film, you try to recreate the sights and sounds of that era. But so little is authentically known about the civilization of Mohenjo-Daro that a faithful recreation doesn’t seem likely. Rahman and Akhtar must have been dubious about the fact that there is no aural record of the language of the era and the hieroglyphics found too haven’t been deciphered with great authenticity. The most logical solution to the problem was perhaps to write the lyrics in Hindi. That’s what Akhtar has done – but the inclusion of a made-up tribal lingo alongside Hindi.

 All, in all, it’s a vastly experimental album by Rahman and we are excited about how it’ll all come out on screen.

 Mohenjo-Daro Trailer:

On watching the trailer of Mohenjo-Daro I felt movie is going to be little different from the usual ones. Execution has been commendably amazing. Moreover it brings out Mohenjo-Daro civilization into light once again which was apparently lost in last decades. Hritik Roshan is seen in completely different role. He played Sarman , an Indigo farmer who falls in love with chaani played by Pooja Hedge. It is spectacular how Ashutosh Gowariker creatively worked to bring together a plot of the entire civilisation through various cities and weave a love story into it.

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Mohenjo-Daro Rating:


I would rate the movie as 3.5 stars. And I am pretty excited and looking forward to the release of Mohenjo-Daro. Have you guys checked out the trailers? If not, then go and check! And let me know how would you rate the movie.  

Mohenjo-Daro Release Date:

Hritik Roshan is all set to awe his fans with his undefeatable charm. Mohenjo-Daro release date is about to come. The Mohenjo-Daro movie is going to grace cinema houses worldwide on August 12, 2016.

Mohenjo-Daro Box office collection Predictions:

The movie is expected to do great business on the first day of release. Till now public response to the movie trailer is quite exciting and expectedly movie can easily earn around or more than 100 crores.

Mohenjo-Daro 1st Day Box office collection Prediction - 40 croresMohenjo-Daro 2nd Day Box office collection Prediction - 45 crores

Mohenjo-Daro 3rd Day Box office collection Prediction - 30 crores

Mohenjo-Daro 1st week Box office collection Prediction - 100 croresMohenjo-Daro total box office collection Prediction - 180 crores

Note: All the collection prediction given above is just an expected numbers. We will update it soon after releasing the movie with the currect numbers. Stay tuned for the real box office collection of Mohenjo-Daro movie. Hope, you liked this post, don't forget to share with your friends, they might be interested to know about Mohenjo Daro box office collection Prediction

[Total] Sultan Total Box Office Collection Till Now

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Salman's movie Sultan has been declared a biggest hit movie of the 2016. Till now the movie has broke many previous movie records. In first seven days, the movie has been crossed the Golden marks of 200 crore, and in next days it will remain counting.

Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma's movie is dominating the BO. The whole team of Sultan is celebrating the big success of the movie.

Sultan Box Office Collection

So here we are going to share the day by day collection report of the Sultan. We have also counted the Sultan movie total box office collection

Sultan First Day(Opening) Box office Collection Report

Wed 36.54 cr,

Sultan Second day box Office Collection Report

Thu 37.32 cr.

Sultan Third day box Office Collection Report

 Fri 31.67 cr, 

Sultan Fourth day box Office Collection Report

Sat 36.62 cr,

Sultan Fifth day box Office Collection Report

 Sun 38.21 cr, 

Sultan Sixth day box Office Collection Report

Mon 15.54 cr,

Sultan Seventh day box Office Collection Report

 Tue 12.92 cr.

Sultan Total box Office Collection Report

 Total:  208.82 cr. 

Salman Khan is celebrating also this huge success, so he shared the one song, you can watch the video

Wrapping up

Thank you so much for being on the Movie Box office collection, here in this post we have shared Salman Khan & Anushka Sharma's Sultan Movie box office collection report. Hope you have liked this post. Feel free to share this post in social media.

Raees Movie Total Box Office Collection Expectations

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Raees Movie Box Office Collection: Welcome to my blog! Here, I will update about latest movie reviews, box office collection prediction and ratings. Today I have come up with the Raees Moview Box office collection Prediction and review, ratings. Rees Moview total box office collection prediction will going to beat Sultan movie total collection. Read below to know more:

 Raees Movie Review/Story

Raees is the biggest upcoming movie of the Bollywood. It is upcoming moview of Shahrukh Khan. You will watch the Bollywood king, King Khan in a new look. The Raees is action, drama, love and thriller movie. The trade gurus of the Bollywood are expecting huge market by Raees.Raees is directed by Rahul Dholakia, produced by Gauri Khan & and their teams under their home production banner ‘Red Chilies’.

Star Cast of Raees/Songs

Shah Rukh Khan
Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Mahira Khan
Sunny Leone
(Sunny Leone is in special appearance in the movie, she will do an item number Laila o Laila.) 

Bollywood Movie Raees Release Date/Poster

If you wanted to know about the release date of Raees movie, then you are in right section. Raees is scheduled to release on 26th January, On the occasion of Republic day of India.
Release Date: 26th January 2017

Raees Trailer/Teaser

Total Box Office Collection Predictions of Movie Raees

Here is some expected Raees box office collection reports, you can predict the earning of the Raees movie. In this section you will get each and every day box office collection report of Raees movie. You can see below that, Raees movie total collection can cross over 700 crores as this is releasing on 26th January, republic day which is a Holiday for all over India. So, lot of people can go for this movie. So, as per this assumption raees movie total collection can cross over 600 crores.
Raees Movie First (1st) Day Box Office Collection Prediction: – Rs 155 Crores Expectations
Raees Movie Second (2nd) Day Box Office Collection Prediction: – Rs 80 Crores Expectations
Raees Movie Third (3rd) Day Box Office Collection Predictions: – Rs 60 Crores Expectations

Raees Movie collection 4th Day - 40 crores

Raees Movie collection 5th Day - 35 crores

Raees Movie collection 6th Day - 20 crores

Raees Movie collection 7th Day - 18 crores

Raees Movie collection 8th Day - 10 crores
Raees Movie First (1st) Weekend Box Office Collection Predictions: – Rs +120 Crores Expectations
Raees Movie Total Worldwide Box Office Collection Predictions: – Rs 700 Crores Expectations
Note: All the above earning and Raees movie box office collection report is only an expectation, the collection report may vary and it can be increase or decrease later.

Over to you

Thanks for being on this post; I have shared the Raees total box office collection report. The above box office collection of Raees movie is just the prediction of our expert of the Bollywood, according to their prediction and market expectation we have shared the day wise and opening day Raees movie box office collection report. If the movie do earn according to the expectation, if Raees will perform well at box office then it will be huge movie of the 2017.